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2013-12-06 14:33:17 by rouge2t7

In the mood to animate but I don't have much of an idea on what to animate. Probably a sprites animation due to it taking up less time than drawn but the biggest problem I face is story D: STORY!

Animation abort.

2013-09-06 12:01:12 by rouge2t7

BDX has apparently came back and claims to be working on FFSX so maybe in a few years time you might get a preview. Instead me and Aeon are going to be working on our own series so nobody can hinder or stop the development. We will maybe get some kind of trailer or opening posted to show the work being done.

Thanks for reading.

Final Fantasy Sonic X

2013-05-18 07:16:25 by rouge2t7

Me and Aeonth will be working on Final Fantasy Sonic X due to the original creators absence.

We will be working on episode 7 and a preview has been added to newgrounds. It may take a while but we will make it through. Hopefully during the summer holidays we will get a lot more done rather than in the School and work seasons.

Check for updates.

Search for youth.

2012-08-14 22:04:34 by rouge2t7

All new animated series about a mother on a search for her child. Coming soon hopefully this year.