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Entry #4


2013-12-06 14:33:17 by rouge2t7

In the mood to animate but I don't have much of an idea on what to animate. Probably a sprites animation due to it taking up less time than drawn but the biggest problem I face is story D: STORY!


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2013-12-06 16:00:11

everything has a story to tell

rouge2t7 responds:

Yes but whether that story is interesting is all down to how its thought out :) Sadly I don't know of anything interesting just yet. Especially since it will probably be a sonic animation and a lot of stories are out there but a lot of them also suck.


2014-02-26 11:14:20

How about combining the story of drawing art and sprites like, in dragon ball z dimention, it is drawing and when goku uses kamehameha it riped up a hole in the univese which suck up goku and his frined (cause they were close to the hole) and trown into the world of sonic, in which they r transform into sprites, 'cause everyone in sonic universe is sprites, sonic thought of him (goku) as a bad guy and engaged into battle, shadow running around sees sonic fighting goku, joins the battle seeing sonic is no match against goku, then vegeta once he sees goku's been beatin' by super sonic and hyper shadows full power (after vegeta gain conciousness from the fall after warping through universe) he join in the fun and goku and vegeta fights with full power since goku and sonic was already too much they all calm down and talked sort out stuff meanwhile the vilians from goku's dimention and sonic's dimention makes truss so they can bring the ultimate watr agains the good guys and to take over both universe i guess thyis will fill up 4 to five episodes